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Magna Gravida Dolore

The new 2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class range has universally impressed CarAdvice testers, who have lauded it for its interior execution, exterior design fluency and style, and general performance and driving dynamics.

According to Mercedes Benz though – performance variants aside – there was one glaring omission in the regular C-Class range. One missing piece of the puzzle if you will. That missing piece was a hybrid drivetrain.

With the local release of the C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid, then, the C-Class range is almost complete. Left to follow is the head-kicking C63 AMG that will arrive in 2015, and there’ll be a six-cylinder engine added to the range some time after that.

CarAdvice got behind the wheel for a short drive in Victoria recently. We’ll undertake a full test when we get a C-Class Hybrid into the CarAdvice garage, but even a short run that took in a country loop and some city commuting was enough to gain an insight into just how competent this new model is.

Interestingly, despite testing the hybrid model at the local launch of the C-Class Estate, there will be no hybrid C-Class wagon available. The other interesting fact is that the hybrid utilises a diesel, not petrol, engine as you might expect. There’s a proper fuel efficiency story to be told too.

The hybrid’s consumption figure is impressive – 4.0L/100km on the ADR combined cycle. To give that figure some perspective, the most efficient regular C-Class model in the range is the C 250 BlueTEC diesel, which sips 4.8L/100km. You can read our full C-Class pricing and specification details here.

By way of a quick comparison, it’s worth noting the price differences between the conventional diesel engine and the hybrid diesel engine. The C 250 BlueTEC sedan starts at $70,400 plus on-road costs, while the C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid starts at $74,900. Both vehicles share the same 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, which generates 150kW and 500Nm. The seven-speed automatic gearbox is the same for both models and the CO2 output figure is the same too – 124g/km. Both vehicles also get the requisite five-star ANCAP rating.